Saudi Arabia·May 1 - 10 2023

Makkah & Madina 9 Days

Nine days spent between Makkah & Madina. Includes airport transfer, hand-picked stays, and a curated itinerary of experiences

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This is 9 mindful days in Makkah and Madina, the world’s most spiritual and soul-nurturing destinations. This is one of our faster paced trips, with the perfect amount of worship and free-time thrown in, but that doesn’t mean skimping on immersive experiences. Your time on the holiest of lands will see you staying in carefully-picked hotels, walking-distance from Al Haram. In Madina, you will be staying in the center of the city of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. With our reliable partners, we will take the transportation-stress off your shoulders. Your hosts, Mozn & Abdulaziz, alongside the deeply-knowledgable eJourney Umrah experts, will make sure your family visits the most popular Islamic heritage sites, to experience Islam with all senses.


Hassle-Free Transporting

Hassle-Free Transporting

This is the first thing you experience after after a long trip, and what takes your family to Al Madina. eJourney will take care of you, transporting on Al Haramain new train, or a dedicated private driver.

Smooth and nurturing Umrah

Smooth and nurturing Umrah

This is the main purpose of the trip, and we know exactly how to make it a frictionless umrah. You will walk to the Haram, with or without our experienced umrah guide.

Made by the People of Makkah

Made by the People of Makkah

This is where eJourney shines; we have founded this company to provide the most immersive umrah experience ever. Your family will visit the popular spots like the Mus'haf Printing Complex, and our secret sites, lead by the amazing group of tour guides

Peaceful Ar Rawda Al Sharifa

Peaceful Ar Rawda Al Sharifa

Al Madina is an integral part of your journey. Dive deep into the the peacefulness of Madina. The Rawda of the Prophet ﷺ is only steps away...


Meet The People of Makkah

Mozn Albukhari

Mozn Albukhari

Muzun is an avid adventurer who does tours for a living! She is our go--to person when we need places to go, sites to visit, and hidden gems that nobody knows about. Muzun will make your Umrah an unforgettable one.



Abdulaziz is an outgoing personality, who has two passions: Makkah, and meeting new people. Abdulaziz will take care of you and make sure you experience the umrah of a lifetime. 





Day 1

Arrive at Jeddah Airport, transport to Makkah via Al Haramain Train (or a private car upon request)


Day 2

Walk to Al Haram to perform your Umrah


Day 3

Visit the Clock Tower Museum and the Kiswa Factory


Day 4

Free time in Makkah for worship 


Day 5

One last day before departing to Al Madina


Day 6

It is the day to head to Madina, the most peaceful city in the world. Transporting via Al Haramain Train (or private car upon request)


Day 7

Pray at the Al Haram Al Nabawi Al Sharif and visit Al Rawda Al Sharifa


Day 8

Visit King Fahd's facility for printing the holy Quran and Uthman Bin Affan's farm and the Etha Well.


Day 9

Fly back with a big smile, feeling fulfilled and reconnected. (Fly from Madina or JED based on further planning with our agents)

What's Included

What's Included

Airfare (upon-request)

9 nights accommodations


Daily breakfast

1-day worth of experiences in Makkah

1-day worth of experiences in Madina

Local tour-guide

E-visa issuance

Health insurance

Umrah guide book

24/7 Customer Support

Covid test

Remaining meals

Extra activities

SIM card

Trip Tips

Download the 'Nusuk' App

Download the 'Nusuk' App

"Nusuk" is a super-app for all Umrah related requests. You have to submit an easy umrah request, and Ar Rawda Al Sharifa visit request - And our Mutamir support are always available to assist you.



The Niyyah for Umrah should be made at the Miqat or close to it as you move in its direction. Ideally, you should delay making the intention until the last moment so you aren’t restricted by its prohibitions for longer than need be. It is recommended (Mustahabb) that you make the intention verbally, as well as reiterating it internally. Labbayka llāhumma ‘umratan. O Allah, here I am to perform Umrah.

You'll Be Staying Here

4-5 Star Hotel in Makkah

4-5 Star Hotel in Makkah

We are proud to have the best partners when it comes to accommodation. We hand-pick our hotels, guaranteeing the best rooms in Makkah's best locations.

4-5 Star Hotel in Madina

4-5 Star Hotel in Madina

We are proud to have the best partners when it comes to accommodation. We hand-pick our hotels, guaranteeing the best rooms in Madina's best locations.


No, this package is individualized for each family/small-group. We have a separate department taking care of group trips.

Umrah season is 11 months of the year. It depends on your availability and time-off. Regardless, eJourney will make it a special one.

Download 'Nusuk' app to issue all necessary permissions

It is our duty to help you perform the best umrah most Islamicly correct. Do not hesitate to ask us for clarification, guidance, and 1-on-1 calls to ease your way into Umrah

Makkah & Madina 9 Days

Saudi Arabia · May 1 - 10 2023 · 9 nights