The People of Makkah

We are a group of successful entrepreneurs, Islamic history enthusiasts, Makkah and Madina local experts, who want to uplift the umrah experience.

Introducing our founder

Abdulaziz Al-Nahabi

Performing Umrah is a beautiful experience that brings you, and your family closer to Allah—feeling fulfilled and reconnected.
But I know it’s not easy. There’s so much to consider and it can be a long, stressful process. That’s why we’re here. 
We want to take that stress away from you so you can focus on what’s important.We offer an end-to-end service that includes flights, airport transfers, hand-picked hotels, tour guides that will take you to the most unforgettable Islamic sites, and all the preparation you need.
Our local expertise means we know exactly what you need and we’ll take care of everything so you can relax and enjoy the experience.
So if you’re looking for a hassle-free, immersive, and fulfilling Umrah trip for your family, look no further than eJourney.


Our Team

We are not here to replicate, we are here to reinvent the umrah wheel. This industry has been stalled for decades, while other tourism sectors have progressed to accommodate travelers' needs – eJourney was built to completely change the umrah experience.

Catered, tailored, immersive and convenient. This is how umrah should be, and we are here to make this happen.


Featured Experiences

No matter what you are building – carefully craft every moment of your story online. Brands built with love are the ones that stand out.

Makkah & Madina 9 Days

Makkah & Madina 9 Days

Nine days spent between Makkah & Madina. Includes airport transfer, hand-picked stays, and a curated itinerary of experiences


Makkah & Madina 14 Days

Makkah & Madina 14 Days

Fourteen days in Makkah & Madina. Includes airport transfer, hand-picked stays, and a curated itinerary of experiences


Makkah & Madina 21 Days

Makkah & Madina 21 Days

Three weeks! The most immersive Umrah experience ever made! Makkah, Madina, and Jeddah with amazing experiences